Opus 2 litre BULK FILL (refillable) DISPENSER

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Contemporary design refillable dispenser. 2000 ml capacity, suitable for use with liquids, gels, beaded gels, and micrograin (not pumice) hand cleaners.

Rugged and reliable beaded gel soap dispenser in an attractive design.

  • Includes fixing screws, wall plugs, adhesive pad, key and instructions.
  • 3ml shot size
  • materials ABS cover and window, glass filled polypropylene backplate
  • Dimensions (mm) H310 x W140 x D145

Suitable for use with

  • liquid soaps
  • gels
  • solvent-free beaded creams
  • beaded gels.

Not suitable for use with hand cleansers employing pumice as a rubbing medium.