Swift-X Hard Surface Cleaner 5 litre

SWIFT-X hard surface cleaner - 4 x 5 litres

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Classic Hard Surface Cleaner

SWIFT-X is a superior multi-purpose cleaner. In the food and catering industries, it is an ideal cleaner concentrate  for removing oils, fats, and greases from walls, floors, and work surfaces. Inks, nicotine stains, some types of graffiti, mildew, and general industrial and catering grime are all easily shifted with SWIFT-X.

  • SWIFT-X can be used on any surface that will tolerate water, in bakeries, breweries, abattoirs, meat processing, caf├ęs, restaurants and takeaways, especially where effective grease and fat removal from working surfaces and floors is necessary. In garages, railways, and airlines
  • SWIFT-X is a first rate all round cleaner for cloth and PVC upholstery as well as for hard surfaces.
  • Use SWIFT-X for cleaning machinery, floors, walls, paintwork, work surfaces, shower cubicles, etc., whether plastic, vinyl, rubber, ceramic or metal.
  • Prior to painting remove dirt and grease from doors, windows, skirting boards, walls and ceilings, and wipe dry, leaving the surface ready to accept paint.
  • Cleans street furniture, road signs, street lighting bowls and reflectors, and shifts nicotine stains from fluorescent lighting fittings.
  • For heavy grease removal dilute 1 part SWIFT-X with 5 parts hot or cold water, and with up to 25 parts hot or cold water for general cleaning. Apply by spray, mop, sponge, or ressure washer. Wipe dry, or rinse off large quantities. For pressure washers dilute with 50 parts water. Use on any surface that will tolerate water, from food industry and heavy engineering, to janitorial applications. Powerful, effective, extremely useful and economical.
  • Surprisingly versatile and powerful
  • Use on any surface that will tolerate water
  • Ideal for industrial, janitorial, commercial, and food industry use
  • Economical in use
  • Shifts grease, inks, graffiti, mildew, and much more
  • Cleans machinery, walls, floors, work surfaces & paintwork
  • Versatile