Shower-Clean 5 litre

SHOWER-CLEAN - 4 x 5 litre pack

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Caustic-Based Shower Area Cleaner

SHOWER-CLEAN is a bactericidal heavy duty cleaner specifically formulated for the arduous task of cleaning intensively used shower areas in heavy industrial environments such as foundries, forges, mines, steelworks.

  • SHOWER-CLEAN removes fats and oils including body fats, soap fats, banana oils etc. that are used to anoint the bodies, as well as scum build-up, from shower cubicle surfaces and floors.
  • On first application the product should be used neat, by mop and bucket or by hand spray units. Agitate and allow to dwell for a minute or two, then rinse off with clean water. Because the product is caustic-based, rubber gloves, goggles etc should be worn when applying. The product should be rinsed thoroughly from floors and walls to avoid contact by shower users.
    • Powerful and economical
    • Effectively shifts oil, body fats and grime
    • Environmentally acceptable
    • Non-flammable
    • Cleans walls, floors, etc.
    • Cleans ceramic and stainless steel surfaces
    • Caustic - Do not use on aluminium