Toilet Seat Cleaner


Public lavatories present a risk of contamination and bacteria building up on toilet seats. Even with regular cleaning of toilet seats, there is still no guarantee that they will be free from bacteria.
Thanks to Toilet Seat Cleaner by STOKO ® you can now instantly disinfect the toilet seat yourself before you use it.

  • Economical - the initial costs involved for the dispenser and refill bag are lower than built-in disinfection and cleaning mechanisms.
  • Simple + Clean - changing the bag is easy and the special closure stops any liquid leaking out.
  • Secure - a concealed locking mechanism helps to prevent unauthorised opening of the dispenser
  • Easy - the dispenser is simply fixed or screwed to the wall.

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Stoko REFRESH Foaming Toilet Seat Cleaner

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Cleans and disinfects toilet seats with an efficient foam
  • Economical - sufficient for sanitising the toilet seat about 1000 applications.
  • Reliable and efficient foam dispenser 
  • Perfumed - and 99% biodegradable.
  • Classified as a hard surface cleaner
  • Apply to toilet seat using a flushable toilet tissue, then flush away.

Stoko REFRESH Foam Dispenser

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Reliable and Sturdy Foaming Dispenser
  • Easy operation by hand or elbow
  • Flexible lock - can be refilled with or without key
  • Low maintenance - drip-free